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Short, daily exercises delivered through text. Take a minute out of your hectic day, and start building happy habits

Natalie, what do you want to thank Paul for today? Fill in the blank: "Paul, Thank you for _____"

Planning date night


Great, I will relay that message!

Good job! You've now done this exercise 3 times this week!

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What do you want to thank your partner for today? Fill in the blank: "Thank you for ________ today"

Close relationships keep people happy

Studies have shown that close relationships are what keeps people happy throughout their lives, and are better predictors of longevity and mental health

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How Emi Works

  1. At sign up you'll be asked to enter your and your partner's phone number. Both of you will start receiving Emi texts almost immediately
  2. You and your partner will receive a daily text reminder from Emi, to do an easy exercise (all exercises take less than a minute)
  3. You can customize the timing of your text, and choose the exercises you want to receive. Your partner can do the same
  4. Not everything is transparent to your partner, and when it is, we will tell you. Not all exercises require partner participation
  5. You can stop receiving Emi texts at any point, simply by texting "StopEmi"

“Emi made me break my habits by asking me to do things. I felt I was thinking more about our relationship and how to foster it in positive way.”


Married 15 years

“Emi creates a little time for us in the chaos of our lives.”


Married 8 years

“Emi made me be more mindful of how my partner was helping me and how I was helping my partner each day.”


Married 8 years

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