Emi Text FAQ

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What is Emi text all about?

Emi will text you daily reminders to connect with your partner. Emi will send you short, actionable things that you can do - sometimes through text and sometimes in real-life - to enrich your relationship with your partner

When and how often do the texts come?

Emi will send you a text every day. Texts are defaulted to a certain time when you sign up, but you can change them any time by texting "settings" to Emi

Can I change the timing of the texts?

Yes, you can change the time you receive the texts by texting "settings" to Emi

Can I change the exercises that I'm receiving?

Yes, you can change your exercises by texting "settings" to Emi

Is Emi free?

Yes, Emi is currently free for all early users!

Do I need to get my partner to sign up for Emi?

Yes, currently we need both you and your partner to sign up for Emi. We've found that couples that join Emi together have a higher satisfaction and see better results after 4 weeks of using Emi.

How can I get my partner to sign up for Emi?

You can tell him/her "Hey, I want us to try Emi - it's a fun service that helps happy couples strengthen their relationship. It will help us take 2 minutes out of our crazy day to be present for each other. Emi will text us daily with short exercises that will take less than 2 min"

Will my partner see all the information I write on Emi?

No, your partner will not see everything you text to Emi. We will let you know whenever your texts are shared with your partner

Where is Emi text offered?

Currently, Emi text is only offered in US and Canada. Users must be mindful about of their own SMS costs

How do I opt-out or stop receiving texts from Emi?

Text "settings" and you'll see a command to stop receiving texts from Emi. If you are traveling or just want to take a break, you can also "take a week off"

Can I take a short break from Emi?

Yes you can! Text "settings" and you'll see a command to stop receiving texts from Emi for 1 week

How can I share Emi with friends?

You can just send them a link to our signup form

Is there an Emi app?

We're working on it! But users have told us they love the intimacy of text - so we will always keep our text service

How can we partner with Emi?

Please email us at hello@emicouple.com with any partnership or business inquiries

Do you share any personal information with 3rd parties?

Nope. We never share or sell any user information without your consent. Emi will always ask your permission before sharing any information with a 3rd party partner. Please refer to our Privacy Policy

Emi App coming soon!

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